Many of us have an understanding of what gets in the way of our flourishing, but find that mental awareness alone doesn't produce the changes we're wanting. This is because our histories live in our bodies as well as our minds, in our tissue and nervous system. The body's strategies for preserving safety, belonging and dignity work faster than thought, and shape our choices, our moods, and our stories whether we're aware of it or not.

The goal of somatics is to bring the mind and body into dialogue and partnership: embracing the mind's power to imagine and articulate what's possible, while cultivating resilience, healing, and new skills through the body.


I work with clients in one-hour sessions in my studio in Berkeley, CA and on Zoom. For clients looking for sustained transformation, I recommend at least ten sessions, meeting weekly. I also offer "a la carte" bodywork sessions to complement the work a client is doing in another modality. 

Sessions begin in seated conversation. After talking about the context and goals of our time together, we decide together on a direction to take. 


"Jesse coached me through one of the most challenging moments of my life and career. I'd come into our sessions frustrated and disoriented, and come out grounded and reconnected with my commitment, strengths and love.

He helped me strengthen my ability to be resilient and stay grounded when I felt unmoored. Jesse's presence as a coach is insightful, compassionate, and playful and I trust him very deeply... I can't recommend working with him enough."

Jess Serrante

"Somatics has taught me how to identify the behaviors and 'shapes' my body has assumed to cope with the world around me. Jesse has been a genuine, gentle and thoughtful guide, consistently present and attentive. 

I have become able to unearth shaping stories and thank the strategies which have caused me anxiety and worry, creating space for new senses of self. I have found more presence, peace and release, and an ability to accept my mistakes. I have experienced a shift in my relationship with myself, discovering a vast landscape within."